A Message from the Chairman

Never before has there been a place where top hockey skills coaches from around the world could gather -- for a myriad of reasons.  In fact, while we've mentioned a few great ideas in our IHSF Mission Statement, I sense that the things we can ultimately accomplish here are only limited by our imaginations.

Membership in the International Hockey Skills Forum will have a number of levels.  Our senior-most level is by invitation only, and will include one Elite Level Skills Coach to represent each hockey playing nation, plus a number of specialists representing several non-ice hockey sports and a number of scientific disciplines.

Most special services will be protected on hidden pages reserved for members only.  Hidden pages and special gatherings are being planned right now.  However, they will include -- at minimum -- a monthly get-together for senior members, plus special libraries for drills, articles, videos and audio programs.  As things come together, we'll arrange ways for senior members to communicate -- as individuals and in various sized groups.

All senior members are welcomed to place their products and services for sale in our on-line store.  The store will be accessible to all site visitors, not just members.  The IHSF will not take a cut from store sales.  

Senior membership does come with some responsibility.  On a quarterly basis, all senior members must contribute an item to our libraries -- be it in the form of an article, video, audio program, coaching related app, or anything that should help other coaches in their work.

There is no membership fee for non-ice hockey and scientific members, although we have high expectations for their willingness to help other members.  Elite Level Skills Coaches representing their nations pay a yearly fee of $85 US.  They, too, are expected to meet the high expectations for helping others. 

Registration for the above senior positions begins today, at this writing.  Registration for the next wave of memberships begin once all senior positions are filled.

As the International Hockey Skills Forum Chairman, I see my primary duty as ensuring this special union of elite level sportsmen meets its expectations.  I'll attempt to be a guide, I'll offer my advice when it's welcomed, I'll plan our first get-together, and I'll continue to build our information packed libraries.

Lastly, if you received an invitation to this site, I highly recommend that you Go Here and enroll as soon as possible.  If you just happened upon this site, you might go to that page, complete the form, and see if your credentials meet the IHSF standards.

Yours in hockey,

Dennis Chighisola - IHSF Chairman

PS:  I am SO excited at the prospects of meeting and interacting with coaches and specialists from around the world that I'd have otherwise never gotten to know!


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