These announcements will often be late by several days...

- Dennis Chighisola (USA) assumed role as the first IHSF Chairman as of February 1, 2014.  Coach Chic's videos will be posted soon to the video library.

- Michael McCarthy (Sweden) assumed position as goaltending adviser to IHSF skills coaches.  It's believed that Mike's insight as a high level goalie instructor will help coaches of skaters understand better how to think when attacking the net. 

- Dom Browne (Hong Kong) has, as of February 23, 2014, assumed the position of in-line hockey adviser. Some of Dom's in-line training videos (which are easily converted to the ice) are already available in the video library.

- Craig Sigl (USA) joined the IHSF on March 3, 2014 as a specialist in the area of mental toughness and sport psychology.  Craig has numerous articles and video to offer our coaching members, which will soon be added to a special area in the members' section.

- David Carlson (USA) has, as of March 4, 2014, joined IHSF as an advisor on equipment, and especially on the gear that affects skills and skill development.  Some materials from David will soon be added to our special membership area, and he'll be available to share with members ideas on greatly enhancing some skating (and other skill) traits with only slight alterations to the gear.

- Scott Umberger (USA) came on board the IHSF on March 5, 2014 to advise members on strength training for ice hockey.  Scott works with elite players, including NHLers, and many of his training videos will be available to members henceforth.


Many Senior Skills Coaches are already in the fold, but announcements will be delayed for awhile... 

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