Monday, February 3, 2014

Have you ever found yourself stalled for coaching ideas?
How about getting some inspiration from another part of the world,
or from another sport discipline?

There definitely IS strength in numbers!

The International Hockey Skills Forum Mission:
Our mission is to unite qualified world wide thought leaders from the converging fields of science, ice hockey skill development, and related sports.  Our further hope is to bridge national and language barriers, to share ideas for new business opportunities, to discuss and perhaps influence the future of our game, and to share ideas for improved teaching methods.

Membership in the International Hockey Skills Forum should prove a great resource for all involved, and it should also aid members in their networking efforts.
Initial, charter membership in the IHSF will primarily include Elite Skills Coaches & National Representatives -- only one from each country, as well as specialists in related fields.  If you have been invited here by the Chairman or a current Senior Member, please GO HERE.

The world's best coaches don't follow others,
but they surely do learn from others!

Once Senior Members are in place, registration will open for Certified Coaching Members and Associate Members.

(This program is evolving, day by day.  So please check here frequently!)